Northern Soul Music




This website is simply an accurate first hand account of events
by someone who like the others involved, unwittingly at the time
was instrumental in contributing to a significant piece of history

What was simply having a fun night out, created a scene
that went on to change the life of literally millions of people
throughout the world - and shows no sign of coming to an end.

How many people do you know who only went to bed once
on a Friday night throughout the entire year of 1970 ?
and that was only because of being away on holiday.

Northern soul DJ Wayne Kennedy with micNorthern soul DJ Wayne Kennedy behind dukebox
Above pictures taken from Classic Soul Club gigs in 2005
Ironically I don't possess any all nighter photos from 1970.
If you happen to have any please send or email them.

Northern soul music - 1969 till the end of time !

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